Armed with Rapid- Action technology. By utilising carbon dioxide flow, multi lure scent attractants, contrast sticky paper and vacuum counter flow scent system Predator is by far the most efficient mosquito trap available, promising instant results.

Skin temperature. Blood sucking insects are attracted to body heat making your skin an ideal landing zone. Predator features on optimized heat surface, imitating human skin temperature. Thus making Predator a principal target for mosquitoes.

Target-seeking. Works around the clock to target, attract and capture mosquitoes and midge species present in your local area.

Exterminates. Catches female mosquitoes before eggs are laid, thus quickly exterminating entire mosquito populations.

Covers 5000m2. Radically reduces local mosquito populations in an area the size of a football field .

Target Contrast. Predator features specifically designed high contrast adhesive sticky paper which reinforces the traps appeal to biting insects.

Highly visible. Discretely flashing UV lights attract more insects in full 360 degrees view.